Maximize your
with Wow Brows Studio
We understand how important it is for you to look and feel your best every day. That’s why we take extra care in providing each of our clients with an individualized experience that will leave them feeling pampered and confident in their own skin
3d microblading
Discover the art of precise, lifelike hair strokes for naturally beautiful brows. Our masters skillfully craft fine, realistic strands that seamlessly blend with your existing eyebrows. The transformative effect of microblading creates a truly natural look that enhances your beauty.
3D Combo Brows
A blend of microblading and powder shading for stunningly natural-looking eyebrows. The master makes realistic hair strokes, while incorporating a soft shading technique to add depth and achieve a beautiful ombre effect, creating brows that are both defined and effortlessly natural.
3D Soft Powder Brows
Experience a soft, powder effect that recreates the perfection of freshly applied makeup, every day. Our expert masters delicately shade the brow area, mimicking filled-in and well-defined brows.
3D Ombre Brows
A flawless fusion of filled-in and shaded brows with a captivating ombre effect. Using a pixelization dotting technique, the master delicately inserts pigment, resulting in 3D, fluffy-looking eyebrows with a gentle three-color gradation, achieving naturally defined and beautifully enhanced brows.
Lip blush
The natural beauty of your lips with our exclusive Lip Blush procedure. Using advanced techniques, we highlight the shape and color of your lips, leaving them with a delicate hue. Finally, forget about injections and surgeries with Wow Brows Studio.
Elevate your look with an advanced variation of classic eyeliner, featuring a soft powdered effect. Our masters blend custom colors to create a tailored and natural-looking eyeliner that enhances your eyes.
Enjoy beautiful, multi-dimensional eyelid enhancement that lasts up to 3 years. This advanced technique utilizes multiple shades of pigment, allowing the master to recreate your preferred look.
3D eyeshadow